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  • 1 roll butter puff pastry
  • 6 small pears
  • 1 half lemon
  • 220g castor sugar
  • 1 tbs vanilla essence
  • 2 sheets butter puff
  • 200g block marzipan sliced
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 250 ml mascarpone
  • icing sugar to dust
  • 1 bottle stem ginger in syrup
  • cream to serve



  1. Peel pears and place in a basin of water with lemon juice.
  2. Place castor sugar in a saucepan with 500ml water and vanilla. Stir over low heat and dissolve sugar. Add pears and poach for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Pre heat oven to 180ºC. Line 1 baking tray with baking paper.
  4. Halve the pears lengthways, remove cores leaving stalks attached. Cut slices lengthways almost to the top so you can gently fan out the pear halves.
  5. Cut the pastry into a large circle and place onto a baking sheet.
  6. Slice marzipan thinly and cover the inside of the circle.
  7. Mix 2 tablespoons of finely chopped ginger and syrup with the tub of mascarpone and spread on top of the marzipan.
  8. Lightly score the pastry around the edge and place the pears on top. Brush pastry with egg and bake for 20 – 25 min until golden. Dust pears with castor sugar and blow torch to form toffee crust. Dust with icing sugar and serve with cream.



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