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Just to say thank you for a wonderful evening last night and the gorgeous food and recipes which we cant wait to make for Christmas!

Please could you send me the stuffing ball recipe you told us about last night. It’s the stuffing that you wrap in gladwrap and freeze before Christmas and put straight into the oven on the day.

Thanks so much and would appreciate you adding me to your mailing list

Thanks Susan!

Kind regards


Susan is one of a kind... the minute you enter her 'kitchen' your life changes forever! I am in awe of her passion & kindness

Thank you for a fabulous evening & for arranging our front seats - we all loooooved last night

Mike& Amanda Els

Warm regards

Try a Susan Greig cooking course!

I had the privilege of attending Susan Greig’s a Festive Feast cooking class this morning. It was a last-minute invitation to join some of my lovely new colleagues on a creative team-build and I had an absolute blast. Susan runs monthly and bespoke classes, but today’s Christmas inspired Festive Feast menu took us through the steps needed to prepare the ultimate Christmas lunch or dinner, including:

      • A smoked salmon mousse wreath
      • Herb and pine-nut crusted roast gammon topped with pomegranate seeds 
      • A Genoise turkey
      • Balsamic and parmesan potatoes and parsnips
      • The ultimate roast vegetables
      • Peach salad with burrata, almonds and proscuitto
      • Christmas pavlova
      • Almond semifreddo 

I know, right?!

The recipes she taught us were practical and simple and beautifully presented on platters emulating festive wreaths and wonderful abundant circular patterns. The best bit? Most of the dishes can be prepared in advance and are served cold (bar the turkey and the roast veg), which allows the host/hostess the time and pleasure of enjoying in the celebrations, sans sweat-beads and panic. I know I’ve been too scared to attempt a gammon or turkey (I always think meat is complicated to cook, so I avoid it and stick to what I know) and I’m so glad I now know what to do. Hell, it really ain’t complicated. Some of my favourites were the salmon mousse, the ciabatta turkey stuffing (I mean!) and the polenta-crusted roast parsnips. She also threw in a quick crackle demonstration (similar to brittle) for the semifreddo.


Susan teaches from her home studio and cooks using herbs and vegetables from her garden, one of the most exquisite gardens I’ve ever seen. Her veggie patch is my dream; really. Raised bed-boxes filled with everything any salad or meal could ever imagine. I walked around the gardens fumbling over my semifreddo and my iPhone trying unsuccessfully to capture the beauty. 

Susan’s classes are extremely well priced, which includes lunch/dinner of course as you get to taste the recipes she demonstrates. Great for a gift, a bunch of friends or a team-build. I’ll definitely be back for Susan’s Thai and Indian classes. And if you’re nimble and keen on trying out this limited time only Festive Feast class, there are two left – tomorrow and Thursday. So click here to book now. 

brandslut xoxo

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I first heard about the inimitable Susan Greig and her fabulous cooking classes about a year ago, and it has taken me THAT long to attend one of her classes and report back to you (don’t judge me, I have been VERY busy!) But really, I could just SLAP myself for having waited so long – I loved every single second and can’t wait for the next one!

First, let it be known that I am petrified of cooking. Seriously. It is right up there alongside my fear of monkeys and flocks of birds getting their claws stuck in my hair. I am a pretty good baker, but cooking is another kettle of fish altogether as it is a VERY inexact science. And I like exact sciences!

Susan Greig is one of those cooks that makes it look SO easy. In fact, I found myself taking notes like a real teacher’s pet, because the recipe called for a “drizzle of olive oil” when in fact she was giving it a “good few glugs”! She operates largely from instinct, and before you know it, you too will be peering into a bowl and deciding that the sauce needs more honey!

I chose to sign up for Susan’s Sublime Summer Salads course (because if I make my Pasta Salad for one more braai, my various brothers-in-law are going to hire a hitman and have me taken out.) We were given six recipes, and sat sipping cups of coffee while Susan prepared first three of the salads and then the following three. The venue is awesome as you can watch the TV screens for the detailed view, but Susan is so down-to-earth (and actually hilarious, even though she doesn’t mean to be) that you feel as if you are sitting in her kitchen while she prepares lunch for you. Seriously, she needs her own TV show!

I love the fact that we got to taste all the salads (after she had made the first 3, and again after the next 3) - my absolute favourites being the Asian Prawn and Noodle Salad and the Beef Salad with Soft Brie and Pancetta. Not to mention the various tips we got along the way about the best place to buy fresh prawns and how best to cut a pumpkin!

Teaching two beautiful divas how to cook!!!

Good Morning,

We would like to thank you for a lovely day last week Thursday. The experience to see someone in Susan Greig's calibre demonstrating her manner of cooking, was a truly great experience.

I took pictures so I hope when I use her recipes it will look and taste, as amazing as what we had, the only thing that will be missing is the interaction we had.

Thank you again for the invitation.

Kind Regards,

Amanda Volker

Good afternoon Susan

Thank you so very much for the most super afternoon on Friday. I don't think I have ever done an event where I have received so many thank you emails. Really was just lovely.

Looking forward to the next one!



Hi Susan,

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful class the other day - I attended with Liese from Investec. I loved it so much that I blogged about it



Thank you...

..for a wonderful cooking class this morning, great fun and really looking forward to November's course. Hope your chaotic day turns out well!

Warm regards,


Dear Susan

Heather, Michelle and I had a wonderful evening at last evening’s cooking demonstration.  We thoroughly enjoyed the recipes – my favourite was the salmon and vichyssoise - the turkey was delicious and the salads were scrumptious.  Thank you for allowing us to attend another class as your guest.

Best wishes for the festive season and see you again in – gulp! – 2016.

With kind regards

Wendy Carroll   

Hi Susan

Thank you so much for the most wonderful course the other night.
My mom and I really enjoyed it.
Please keep me updated with regards to future classes

Kind regards
Chelsea Cahi

Good Morning Susan

thank you for last night was spectacular
please add me to your mailing list.

Many Thanks
Lexi Giokos

Hi Susan,

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful class the other day - I attended with Liese from Investec. I loved it so much that I blogged about it - link here:

Please will you let me know about future classes - do you have a mailing list?



Hi Sue

Just wanted to thank you for a lovely Tuesday evening class, Mom, Nat and I,
all so enjoyed ourselves and it was such a constructive and entertaining
way to spend an evening together!
Always learn lots

Many thanks
Warmest regards

Hi Susan
I so enjoyed the course I was able to attend in Joburg a couple of months ago. I always start dinner party ideas with the various recipes I have learned from your courses - they are delicious and manageable.

Warm regards

Yvonne Kane

Thank you for a wonderful lesson on French Cooking, Susan.
I so enjoyed it!

Kind regards.
Denise Solomon

Dear Susan

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to attend your class yesterday evening. I enjoyed the class very much and the food was excellent.


Caitlin van der Merwe

Baie dankie!! Made the chicken, fish curry sauce with lamb, augergine and mint sauce. My guests were very impressed. Baie lekker.


Darling Susan

Thank you for an incredible night at your Chez! We truly enjoyed every second. I know so little about cooking and you truly changed our outlooks and worlds. You are a true magician in the kitchen and I loved all the little magical moments. Will definitely see you at the next one!

Love and Light

Dear Susan

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to attend your class yesterday evening. I enjoyed the class very much and the food was excellent.

Caitlin van der Merwe

Hello Susan.

It was good to see you again. We had to leave hastily as the new mother did not pack enough clothes for the boy, and boys being boys, they find the perfect spots to lay down their heavy loads (Sigh…).

We absolutely enjoyed the lunch and the food was absolutely awesome. Would you be so kind as to share some of the recipes particularly the spinach and mushroom torte, the chick pea salad and oh the chicken – can still taste it. I would greatly appreciate it.


Hi Susan,

We are SO looking forward to coming as welove all your recipes. We were at your first cooking demo – the Christmas morning at St Ledger Viney in Kramerville décor area years and years ago. They only gave you a table in the boardroom to assemble your dishes on! We loved you from that moment on. So looking forward to the new venue etc.

Kind Regards

This food is INCREDIBLE!! Ju is mos clever. xxx

What a fabulous day! Great food, great vibe. I know that work that goes into a day like that... Thank you and well done - all just superb. Do them more often!

Carls and Jem Berman.

Thank you so much for a wonderful day we loved it, your food was exceptional.

Louise and Theo.

Thanks for the delish food on Sunday and a wonderful day and beautiful venue.

Darlinkiki xx.

Dear Susan

This email isn't a booking, unfortunately, as we'll be overseas from the week of the 19th May, but I do want to congratulate you on the wonderful lunch, salads in particular, that you provided for the Nirox preview day. If Susan Scott (Brereton), an exacting taskmaster, was moved to say she enjoyed it, then you know you've cracked it! I really don't think we've ever had a better lunch out.

When next you give a salad class (I think you do one in Spring?), I'll be a definite taker.

Sue Stott


Dear Susan Greig

Thank very much for a lovely and delicious lunch. We so enjoyed the day. Especially nice, because Patou is returning to London tomorrow, so it ended on a lovely note.

Thank you again.

Best regards.

Krysia and Oliver Back

Hi Sue

What a way to spend a Sunday!!

The most beautiful setting, absolutely delish food and wonderful friends!! Your hubby looks very good in an apron!! JJJ

Many thanks for the invite and hope to see you soon with Linda and Louise at one of your cookery classes.



Dear Susan and Christopher

Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful garden and home with us. It is such a pleasure to be in such an environment where you 2 have passion to give your best to us.

Your passion drives us to new creations. The food was excellent and the garden very special and so YOU.

Keep on creating and adding value to all of us! We Love it!

Keep well


Dear Mrs Greig

I did not have the opportunity to chat to you the other night, so please accept my gratitude via this email: without your contribution the dance would not have been as great a success as it was. Many adults with good taste have assured me that it was the best food ever at a dance and having been to 23 of them myself, I cannot but concur: the food was excellent. I even cheated on my eating regime by having the dessert.

Well done and thank you for falling in place with all the girls' demands and last minute changes.

Kind Regards


I cannot recommend this enough – at approximately R340 per person for a 3-hour course (that includes eating platefuls of what has been made), this is worth every single cent. You will come away inspired and with a full tummy and happy heart! Visit her site (link below) for details of her next classes.

Thank you for an exhilarating and truly delicious evening. These Asian recipes will become staples in my cooking repertoire.


I have made nearly every recipe from her lessons. They were all delicious!!!!!!!!


"Hi Susan – just wanted to thank you so much for a great morning of cooking!! My friend Debbie and I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and the food was delicious. In fact, tonight I am trying the Blackened Fillet with Tortillas, and tomorrow we are having guests so am doing the pudding (Vanilla Yoghurt Torte with Fruit) - and I trust everyone will enjoy as much as I did.

Thank you again for a wonderful morning and please don’t forget to email me the date of the next session as soon as they are available."

Tracey O’Neill

Enjoyed watching you cook last night. Great recipes. Thank you. Love Brenda.

“You were such a star yesterday that I have to thank you again. We were truly blessed on all accounts – weather, friends and venue but particularly the food. I can’t thank you enough. This was hands down the winning event.” - GARY COTTERELL, editor Business Day

"Keith and I would like to thank you for the most wonderful lunch yesterday. Your choice of people, food and style was such a pleasure. thanking you once again."- Stephen Falcke

“Thanks, very entertaining!” - Narina Reyneke

“Hi Susan, just wanted to share that I made the chicken and almond curry that you did on the course. It was sheer perfection and the house smelt gorgeous! The family loved it! Thank you for a fantastic course” Mandy

"Thank you soooooo much for last Thursday. It was a great morning and you are a real card! I had a good ‘larf’. What a stunning goodie bag! It was like mary Poppins’ bag, the most amazing goodies just ke[t coming. I look forward to attending the Christmas morning. Many thanks." Karen

Thanks so much for the most enjoyable morning. I am delighted with the lovely gift I won, the hamper from Thrupps. Hope to see you again at another cooking morning. Pat Mcleod

“A belated thank you for such a lovely morning last Thursday. I learned plenty, enjoyed the sampling and company. Also, the goodie bags were amazing – better than Christmas! Thanks for all your effort to get so many goodies – all wonderful.” – Cindy Knutton

“Susan thanks so much for a wonderful morning and delicious recipes. Also for the most amazing goodie bag ever! Wow, what goodies. Thank you” – Hayley and Anna

“Thank you for an awesome “curry“ morning and thank you for the goodie bag, what a super surprise. Look forward to hearing about future demonstrations.” – Ann Conway

“I just want to let you know that I had a dinner party last night and it was fantastic. My husband says you have turned me into a goddess in the kitchen. Thank you for the super cooking lessons, looking forward to Thai. Thanks!” Didi






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